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FAQs... find out more about our MYM2K23 8 Week Challenge 

Do I have to be a member of The Basement Gym to join the 8 Week Challenge?

Yes, for a minimum of 8 weeks. If you are currently not a member and would like to sign up, simply complete your MYM2K22 registration form and one of our staff will contact you to get you signed up!  

When does the 8 Week Challenge program start and finish?

The 8 Week Challenge starts Saturday, 11th February and finishes Saturday, 8th April 2023. Unfortunately as this is a set program, we will not be able to accept any late sign ups after 11th February.

How do I join the 8 Week Challenge and how much does it cost?

To join the 8 Week Challenge, simply complete the registration form online. Cost is $35/wk + Basement Membership (min 8 week period). 

When do I receive my Basement App and challenge pack?

All challengers must attend the Launch Day event at The Basement Gym on the 11 February to receive your 8 Week Challenge pack, which will include information on how to access your Basement App.

I am already a member, do I need to sign up for membership again to join the 8 Week Challenge?

No, all you need to do to sign up to the 8 Week Challenge. 

If I decide to sign up as a new member, will it expire at the end of the challenge?

Your membership will expire at the end of your agreed contract term. 

What can I expect from the 8 Week Challenge?

With our 8 Week Challenge program you can expect:

  • Challenges and outings set to push you beyond your comfort zone

  • Your nutrition and exercise plans made easy for you to follow and achieve sustainable results 

  • Our Basement App - for weekly planning to set goals, plan and complete workouts, plan meals for the week ahead and set rewards to motivate you 

  • Food log and shopping list to record healthy eats daily

  • Accountability - weekly check ins with head coaches 

  • Access to our exclusive 24/7 online community so you can connect with other challengers

  • Progress tracking so you can view your fitness journey

Will the nutrition and exercise plans suit me?

Absolutely! The 8 Week Challenge is recommended for all – regardless of your fitness level. The challenge has specifically been designed to help women and men stay motivated with their team to transform into the best version of themselves. This challenge is for anyone wanting to change their mind, body and nutrition.

How many times do I need to exercise per week?

For best results, we suggest to exercise a minimum of five days per week, with one to two rest days.  Our coaches will discuss planning your workout week in the online forum. 

Can I get a refund for the 8 Week Challenge?

We do not offer refunds for a change of mind. If however, there are extenuating circumstances or medical reasons that prevent you from undertaking the program, we will consider a one-off cancellation. Please contact us in writing regarding this by submitting a request to We assess each cancellation and refund on a case by case basis. If a cancellation is granted, you will no longer have access to the challenge.

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